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frequently asked questions

AGILE Equipment Hire specialises in emergency equipment hire and sales. We have comprehensive experience in water damage restoration, mould remediation, and moisture solutions.

  • What Area(s) Do You Service?

    We service and deliver equipment to Brisbane, Sydney and all surrounding regions. If you prefer to pick up our equipment directly, you can do so by visiting our our hire depots, strategically located in central locations in each city. In Brisbane and Sydney, our team can deliver the equipment, in Melbourne we can arrange delivery through a selection of couriers.

  • How Do I Book the Equipment?

    Please organise any of the equipment through our online hire portal. If it is your first time hiring with us, you will need to sign a rental agreement and provide us with a picture of your driver’s license. Our team will send out the rental contract to sign via email.

  • What Dehumidifier Do I Need?

    There are two types of dehumidifiers – Refrigerant and Desiccant dehumidifiers. In almost 80% of cases, we recommend refrigerant as they are much easier to set up and they are very effective at the start of the drying process when there is a lot of moisture in the air.

    However, desiccants are much more effective in drying hard to release moisture out of building materials. They also dry much quicker and are much better suited for use in large drying environments (commercial properties etc.) as they scale much more efficiently and at lower cost. The disadvantage of desiccants is that they use more power, and they take more time and expertise to set up.

    If you have any questions regarding which dehumidifier to use, please call our friendly team for help.

  • Do You Work After Hours?

    Yes, equipment is available for pick up from our depots after hours for approved clients only. If you require onsite setup and consultation, we will need to charge 1.5x outside of 7 am – 3 pm Mon-Fri except for Sundays and public holidays which we charge at 2x.

  • Can I Come and Pick Up the Equipment?

    Yes, you are welcome to pick up our equipment from our Seven Hills, Sydney or Murarrie, Brisbane facility. We also recommend using our Delivery, Setup and Consultation service specifically if you have complex water damage or mould remediation project.

    With regard to our larger desiccant equipment, our consultation services must deliver it due to health and safety concerns.

  • Do I need to Hire an Air Mover Fan?

    Drying down a property requires, in most cases, an air mover to significantly speed up the drying process. The high-speed air will release the moisture from the material into the air while the dehumidifier will remove the moisture in the air. Please call us if you have questions on the setup of the fans or to let us know how many you may need.

  • Do I need to Use Heater to Dry the Property?

    It is not always necessary to hire a separate heater. Obviously, the use of heat is beneficial for drying. Our dehumidifiers will provide the heat required to dry down the property.

    In some cases, such as very porous concrete which is having issues releasing moisture, we recommend transitioning to desiccant dehumidification or using a focused heat mat drying system (drymatic).

    Additionally, if your property drops below temperatures of around 8 degrees, LGR’s refrigerants can become ineffective. This is usually the case during winter months at nighttime in colder parts of Australia. We would suggest in these cases to use a drymatic boost box heater in the room or switch to desiccant dehumidifiers.

  • How Do I Extend the Rental Time?

    You will need to call and speak to our office before the end of hire to extend the rental time. We can issue out a new invoice for the additional time of the rental.

  • Do I Have to Pay A Deposit?

    For hires of 2 weeks or less, we require the total amount of the hire upfront as a deposit. If hiring equipment for more than 2 weeks, we require 2 weeks’ rental as a deposit. All long-term hires are invoiced every 2 weeks.

    The amount payable at the end of your hire could vary from your deposit depending on a number of factors (such as duration, fuel and consumables used). At the completion of your hire, the deposit will be applied to the final hire charge, and we could require an additional payment or will refund you the difference if you’ve been overcharged.