Hygiena SystemSURE II ATP Hygiene Tester

Hygiena SystemSURE II ATP Hygiene Tester

The System Sure II by Hygiena is the industry leader for hygiene monitoring. With the use of a pen sized swab, you can recieve results within 15 seconds, verifying the level on cleanliness.

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Typical Uses:

  • Hospital Cleaning – Cleanliness Indication
  • Sewage Cleaning – Cleanliness Indication
  • Food Hygiene – Cleanliness Indication
  • Cleaning Process Effectiveness Indicator

What is ATP Testing?

ATP stands for Adenosine Triphosphate and is the energy molecule found in all living cells. Testing for this indicates the amount of living cells on a surface and therefore can determine if a surface is clean or not. A special liquid is introduced into the sample, and then causes the ATP to emit light. This light is measured and is proportional to the amount of living matter taken within the sample.

Operating Procedure

  1. Identify point to be tested and turn on meter. Turn on the meter and wait for meter to calibrate.
  2. Pull swab from tube and swab  an area of 10 x 10cm, used side to side and up and down movements while rotating swab.
  3. Once completed, place swab back into the tube. Snap plastic valve at top of tube, and squeeze to expel liquid onto the swab.
  4. Gently shake swab side to side to get even coverage of liquid on swab
  5. Place entire swab with swab facing down into the luminometer, close the lid.
  6. Press ‘OK’ to initiate the reading. Keep the meter upright during the reading process.
  7. The test result will appear 15 seconds later on the screen.