Pre-Filter for HEPA Air Scrubbers

  • 400mm x 400mm x 43mm

Pre-Filter for HEPA Air Scrubbers

  • 400mm x 400mm x 43mm

These pre-filters filter out larger airborne contaminants in the air, and serve to protect the HEPA filter behind it and ensure it performs optimally. IT is the first step in the filtration process. We recommend that the pre-filter be changed out weekly under heavy/substantial use, e.g. visibly mouldy environments, heavily fire damaged environments, and construction sites.

* This product is for use with our 500 CFM Air Scrubbers

* Available for bulk purchase

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Typical Uses:

  • Smell and Odour Reduction
  • Defense against Gases and Fumes
  • Restoration and Construction
  • Allergy, Dust and Soot Control
  • Dimensions: 400mm x 400mm x 43mm
  • Air flow: 500 CFM
  • Filter Performance: Pre-filter: 25-30%

*Delivery times are approximately 1 week to city metro areas

This Pre-Filter is the first piece of the puzzle to great HEPA filtration. It prevents large, dirty or abrasive materials from reaching the sensitive HEPA filters inside, helping them perform at max efficiency for much longer.

Typical Uses

  • Mould and Indoor Air Cleanup –
    Remove dangerous moulds and VOC’s from the air in contaminated spaces and are a vital component of decontamination.
  • Restoration and Construction –
    Used to filter out floating particles and dust, necessary for most remediation works under IICRC guidelines.
  • Allergy, Dust and Soot Control –
    HEPA Air Scrubbers are perfect for helping make the air safer after fires and can reduce allergy and dust reactions by removing particles from the air.
  • Clean Rooms and Server rooms –
    Used to keep floating particles to a minimum and ensure airborne contaminants are captured safely without compromising room cleanliness.