DIY Mould Testing Kit

DIY Mould Testing Kit

The DIY mould testing kit comes with everything you need to identify mould in your home or office.

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Typical Uses:

  • Indoor air quality testing
  • Mould Surface testing
  • Cleanroom monitoring
  • For house or workplace

The kit includes simple instructions for sampling air and surfaces. Paired with our industry-leading mould laboratory analysis, the DIY Mould Testing Kit is your go-to for getting your head around indoor quality in any environment.


  • Mould testing for your home or office
  • Allows you to take as many samples as you’d like (add more BioTapes or Air-O-Cells to your order)
  • Provides clarity and peace-of-mind
  • Identifies mould down to genera, giving you the tools to understand your indoor air quality
  • Fast lab analysis turnaround time
  • All results are provided in an easy-to-read digital report


  • Pre-loaded and ready for use.
  • All sample analysis & lab fees included
  • No mess, no cleaning, no maintenance
  • Simple instruction guide
  • Easy-to-use air pump


We send the kit in an Express Post bag through Australia Post, so you’ll usually get the package the next business day after placing your order.

Once you receive the kit, the included Instruction Guide will guide you through the process of taking samples. If you have questions at any point or need help knowing where to sample, feel free to call us at 1300 079 019. Don’t forget to label each sample with the place you took it. We also recommend taking a photo with the sample ID and location visible, so you can double-check your testing locations and sample IDs if you need them.

After you’ve taken all the samples you’d like, return them into their resealable bags and place them all in the kit. Make sure you fill out the Chain of Custody. Write your address on the back of the return Australia Post Bag, and place it in the nearest Australia Post Express Box.


A Bio-Tape consists of a flexible plastic microscope slide with an adhesive area, which is used to capture the sample. It also has a descriptive label for identification and a plastic holder case.
Bio-Tape slides provide a convenient way of surface sampling for contaminants.


The Air-O-Cell collects a range of airborne aerosols from an area, including mould spores, fibres, pollen, and even skin cells. The Air-O-Cells work by drawing in air through the cassette and depositing aerosols onto a small microscope slide inside the cassette body. With a standardised running time (5 minutes) and standardised flow rate (15 litres per minute), it’s possible to rapidly and accurately identify and assess the volume of mould spores, debris, fungal hyphae, and pollen counts in the area. The Air-O-Cells are shipped back with our DIY Mould Testing Kit for microscopic analysis. All our Kits come with easy-to-read instructions, so the set-up and use of your Air-O-Cells are simple and smooth.

We recommend that you sample the outside air with one Air-O-Cell, in order to enable more accurate comparisons of local mould ecology and levels.


The vacuum air pump works by pulling in air through the top of the pump, through an Air-O-Cell air cassette, and out through the underside. It is powered by a small wall adaptor and has a simple five-minute timer inbuilt. You plug it in, slot the Air-O-Cell cassette onto the top of the machine, press the power button, and wait until the 5-minute timer ends. The vacuum pump will turn itself off after it is finished sampling.