HEPA Air Filter – 1000 CFM Air Scrubber

  • 42kg;
  • 51 x 58 x 102 cm high

HEPA Air Filter – 1000 CFM Air Scrubber

  • 42kg;
  • 51 x 58 x 102 cm high

The HEPA 1000 is a great Hepa Air Scrubber with superior performance. Perfect for use in larger areas – living rooms, offices and larger construction projects.

From  $150.00 Per Day Incl. GST

Day based pricing : HEPA Air Filter – 1000 CFM Air Scrubber
Friday - $150.00
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Sunday - $150.00
Monday - $150.00
Tuesday - $150.00
Wednesday - $150.00
Thursday - $150.00
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Typical Uses:

  • Mould and Indoor Air Cleanup
  • Restoration and Construction
  • Allergy, Dust and Soot Control
  • Clean Rooms and Server rooms
  • Dimensions: 51 x 58 x 102 cm high
  • Weight: 42kg
  • Amp Draw: 6 Amps
  • Voltage: 230v 50 hz
  • Air flow: 1000 CFM or 500 CFM
  • Housing: Polyethylene

The Hepa Air Scrubber 1000 is one of the most popular air cleaners we have for hire. It has a 3 stage filtration system. There are 2 x pre filters applied to the top of the unit and there is 1 x primary Hepa filter cartridge inside the unit. The pre-filters are designed to catch the large dust particles before the air progresses to the HEPA primary filter where it will filter out particles down to 0.3 microns.

The main advantage of this Air Scrubber is that it has a high CFM with a relatively low footprint and is also very quiet. It makes this unit very suitable for tight spaces or in an office where people are working. If you’re in need, the bigger version of this unit can be found here.

Please note, you will need to purchase a pre-filter ($30) for every week of hire. You will need to replace them at the end of every week or you will risk damage to the HEPA primary filter.

Available in Brisbane and Sydney, with shipping options also available.


Only 4 out of 7 Days Charged. We do not charge freight days.

  • Manufacturer – Novatek
  • 1000 CFM Air Scrubber
  • Vertical configuration with a small footprint
  • Can be used with supply and outflow air ducting
  • Uses standard HEPA filters or nuisance dust filters
  • Polyethylene shell for durability
  • 2 x speed configurations
  • “Hand truck” configuration features non-marring skid allows for easy transport by one operator
  • Compact upright design is perfect for tight spaces

Typical Uses

  • Mould and Indoor Air Cleanup –
    Remove dangerous mould and VOC’s from the air in contaminated spaces and are a vital component of decontamination.
  • Restoration and Construction –
    Used to filter out floating particles and dust, necessary for most remediation works under IICRC guidelines.
  • Allergy, Dust and Soot Control –
    HEPA Air Scrubbers are perfect for helping make the air safer after fires; and can reduce allergy and dust reactions by removing particles from the air.
  • Clean Rooms and Server rooms –
    Used to keep floating particles to a minimum and ensure airborne contaminants are captured safely without compromising room cleanliness.